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12 maart 2020

Dutch National Money Week 2020 cancelled after new COVID-19 measures

National Money Week 2020, that was scheduled to take place from 23 to 27 March, will be cancelled. This announcement was made by the Money Wise Platform, that organizes National Money Week, after the announcement of the latest measures by the Dutch government related to the coronavirus (CORVID-19) earlier this afternoon. During the national project week, 5.500 guest lessons and workshops about money, amongst other activities, were planned. 

10th edition will take place at a later stage

 Joost Smits, chairman of Money Wise: “The festive nature and our coordinated approach to teach children financial competencies are an important foundation for the National Money Week. Due to the current circumstances, this foundation has fallen away and this has led to the unfortunate decision to cancel the Week for now. We will decide at a later stage when the 10th edition of National Money Week will take place.”

About the National Money Week

During the National Money Week schools all over the Netherlands organize activities to promote financial competencies. Money Wise pursues structural financial education in the school curriculum. In support of this aim, Money Wise organizes the yearly National Money Week. The platform wants to prepare children for financial resilience in the future.

About the Money Wise Platform

The Money Wise Platform was launched by the Ministry of Finance to improve the financial fitness of Dutch citizens. In order to achieve this, partners from government, financial services industry, NGO’s and academia collaborate in the platform. Her Majesty Queen Máxima is honorary chair of the platform. For more information: www.wijzeringeldzaken.nl

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Over Wijzer in geldzaken

Wijzer in geldzaken is een initiatief van het ministerie van Financiën, waarin partners uit de financiële sector, de wetenschap, de overheid en onderwijs-, voorlichtings- en consumentenorganisaties hun krachten bundelen om Nederland financieel fitter te maken. Hare Majesteit Koningin Máxima is erevoorzitter van het platform. www.wijzeringeldzaken.nl

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Honary Chair of the platform

Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is Honorary Chair of the platform. In this role, the Queen asks attention for the importance of financial education and Savvy Money Management, especially for vulnerable groups. Queen Máxima is special advisor to the platform and speaks to stakeholders about ways in which financial fitness and (self) reliance can be improved.