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Governance Money Wise Platform

A brief explanation of the roles and tasks of the honorary chair, steering group, programme council and programme office follows below.

Honorary chair

Her Majesty Queen Máxima is the honorary chair of the Money Wise platform. In this capacity, Queen Máxima draws attention to the importance of financial education and dealing sensibly with money. The Queen acts as a special adviser for the platform and addresses stakeholders about the ways in which financial self-reliance can be expanded. Queen Máxima is involved in the platform’s activities and through her honorary chairmanship she underscores the importance of responsible financial behaviour.

Steering group

The steering group is the decision-making body of the platform, under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Finance. The steering group sets down the strategic action programme, determines the priorities in operational annual plans, approves the budget and directs the platform’s activities. In addition, the members of the steering group play a major role in translating the objectives of the platform for their own organisations and employees. The members of the steering group act as Money Wise ambassadors to the stakeholders. The steering group meets every two months on a regular basis and, if necessary, on an ad-hoc basis.

Programme council

The programme council advises the steering group at the strategic level. Partners that do not have a seat on the steering group are represented on the programme council. The programme council is comprised of stakeholders who, based on their expertise, channels or resources, play a major role in advancing responsible financial behaviour. The members of the programme council translate the platform’s objectives for their own organisations and employees. The programme council meets twice a year, together with the steering group.

Programme office

The programme office prepares plans and coordinates the platform’s activities. Within the frameworks of an annual plan and budget, the programme office is mandated to initiate and implement activities. The programme office keeps the steering group informed of the progress of these activities.

Expert groups

Expert groups can be established on an ad-hoc basis for specific themes or core projects. These groups make plans for the themes and core projects and translate them for their own organisations. The decisive factor in composing the expert groups is the way in which the expertise (including in communication) of the core partners can be optimally used.

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