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Effective ways to use technology to deliver financial education
2.1 MB | 30-11-2020
In this presentation Prof. dr. Kristof De Witte gives examples and insights from his research in Flanders. The examples on financial education include group formation in online instruction, differentiated instruction, online parental involvement through digital homework, parental tutoring and other materials.
Do education materials contribute to the financial capability of primary school students?
655.8 KB | 01-12-2017
This study by Money Wise shows that financial education can be effective. Lessons that are aligned with the development stage and the daily lives of children, are developed with
education professionals so that they are didactically sound, and that address both knowledge and skills, can
have significant effect on students’ financial competencies.
Effective ways to advance responsible financial behaviour
308.7 KB | 01-03-2017
The key question that has to be answered is: how can we advance responsible financial behaviour? In this article, Nibud (Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information) and the Money Wise platform demonstrate that education can be effective, as long as it is approached in the right way.
Detailed project plan september 2013 National Money Week | Money Wise
771.3 KB | 01-09-2013
During National Money Week, the partners place the subject of learning to manage money on the agenda for primary education. This detailed project plan has been produced based on experiences with previous editions and feedback received from project partners and project team members.
High level project plan september 2013 National Money Week | Money Wise
709.5 KB | 01-09-2013
In the 2013 - 2014 school year, National Money Week is being held again. In order to prepare well for this week and make it a success, the high level project plan presented here was drafted. This plan describes all the facets that are important to prepare and execute this project.
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