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National strategy

Five years on, it is sensible to take a critical look at the approach and working method used so far, and to look forward to the years ahead. How can we continue to respond in the best possible way to the challenges that lie ahead? How can we ensure through our work that the process of raising awareness continues?

You can find the answers in this 2014-2018 Strategic Programme.

National strategy 2014-2018

Content overview

1. Chapter 1

The results of the environmental scan are described in Chapter 1.

2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 contains the results of the evaluation of Money Wise as well as several recommendations.

3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 focuses on the new strategy with the more finely-honed mission, the five strategic starting points and the objectives.

4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 details the implementation of the mission and the organisation of the platform.

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