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Projects attended by Honorary Chair

Below is an overview of the projects attended by Her Majesty Queen Máxima in her capacity as honorary chair of the Money Wise platform.


Queen Máxima launches website for financial healthy employees (23-05-2017)

Speech in the Global Money Week (30-03-2017)
Queen Maxima of The Netherlands attends the Global Money Week 2017, the international version of Money Week at the Dutch Central Bank on March 30, 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Read more via: https://www.koninklijkhuis.nl/actueel/nieuws/2017/03/03/koningin-maxima-bij-global-money-week and https://globalmoneyweek.org/countries/101-the-netherlands.html

Queen Máxima opens the NOT 2017 (24-01-2017)
Read more via: https://www.koninklijkhuis.nl/actueel/nieuws/2016/12/20/koningin-maxima-opent-nationale-onderwijstentoonstelling  


Queen Máxima visits Moneyways (13-09-2016)
Read more via: http://www.diversion.nl/updates/koning-maxima-bezoekt-moneyways 

Speech during board meeting European Banking Federation (20-05-2016)
During the bi-annual board meeting of the European Banking Federation in Amsterdam on Friday May 20, Her Majesty Queen Máxima held a speech about ways in which financial awareness and independence can be enforced. Furthermore, the Queen pointed out the importance of financial education and sensible financial behavior, especially for children and youngsters. 

The European Banking Federation (EBF) has existed for 55 years and currently represents 32 international banking associations, consisting of 4.500 banks with 2.3 million employees. On behalf of the banking sector, the EBF is the interlocutor for the European and international financial bodies, among which the European Committee, the Central Bank of Europe and the European Banking Authority.  

The EBF raises awareness within Europe for financial education and organized the second European Money Week last March.

Opening lustre congress Pensioenfederatie (17-05-2016)
On Tuesday May 17th in the The Hague World Forum, Queen Máxima opened the first lustre congress of the Pensioenfederatie, which represents the interests of the Dutch pension funds. The Pensioenfederatie encourages together with and on behalf of its members further development, consolidation and execution of a thorough and trustworthy pension system in The Netherlands.

On behalf of 240 pension funds, the federation represents the interests of 5.5 million participants, 3 million pensioners and 8 million former participants. Circa 85 percent of the working population builds a pension with a collective pension fund. 

Dinner speech at Ecofin (22-04-2016)
On Friday night April 22nd in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Queen Máxima held a speech during a dinner of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council, also known as Ecofin. Ministers of Finance and Central bank presidents partook in this informal gathering, which was chaired by Minister of Finance Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

The informal Ecofin is organized bi-annually in the country currently chairing the EU Council. This dinner is a recurring event. The Netherlands chair the EU Council in the first half of 2016. As a chair, The Netherlands strives for the EU to focus on main issues, such as migration, combating terror, and the stimulation of growth and employment.

On Friday night April 22nd in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Queen Máxima held a speech during a dinner of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council, also known as Ecofin. Ministers of Finance and Central bank presidents partook in this informal gathering, which was chaired by Minister of Finance Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

The informal Ecofin is organized bi-annually in the country currently chairing the EU Council. This dinner is a recurring event. The Netherlands chair the EU Council in the first half of 2016. As a chair, The Netherlands strives for the EU to focus on main issues, such as migration, combating terror, and the stimulation of growth and employment.

Opening symposium ‘Financial Resilience Throughout Life’ (20-04-2016)
On April 20th, Her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the two day symposium ‘The Netherlands-OECD Global Symposium on Financial Resilience Throughout Life’ in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage. This conference was initiated by the OECD and Money Wise Platform.

During the symposium, international leading experts spoke about financial education, which is regarded as an important tool for sustainable economic growth and financial stability. Never before had this many international prominent professionals gathered during a conference on financial education in The Netherlands.

Next to Queen Máxima, OECD Secretary General Mr. Angel Gurría spoke, as well as Eurogroup Chair Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem and professor Mrs. Annamaria Lusardi. Participants originated from the OECD/International Network on Financial Education (INFE), Ministries of Finance, education, Central banks, watchdogs, government bodies, science, the private sector and NGO’s.

The following subjects were raised: How to design effective interventions regarding financial education; How to prevent financial vulnerability; Financial education in school and Pension planning.

Opening National Money Week (14-03-2016)
Queen Máxima introduced the sixth edition of the National Money Week on March 14th. At elementary school De Twaalfruiter in Vleuten, the Queen attended guest lectures in which the school children learned how to deal with money in a sensible way. 

All students of De Twaalfruiter attended classes about responsible financial behavior taught by, among others, the directors of partner organizations, such as AFM, The Netherlands Central Bank, The Dutch Banking Federation, and National Institute for Family Finance Information. During National Money Week, school children are prepared for a responsible financial future.

In the context of the National Money Week, the Money Wise Platform researched children’s financial behavior. The results showed that children earning a little extra by doing household chores declined from 61% in 2011 to 49% now.

The research further showed that four in five children aged 8 to 11 received pocket money from their parents, and 85% of the children talks on occasion with their parents about money. The money tip most received is to save. Over 75% of the children claims to cerebrate before they buy. Despite this, half of the children experiences regret after a purchase. 

Five year celebration SchuldHulpMaatje (17-02-2016)
On Wednesday morning February 17th, Queen Máxima attended the five year celebration of SchuldHulpMaatje in Leiden. The Queen spoke with those involved about their work. The organization helps people trapped in or threatened by financial problems through personal guidance and aftercare. These volunteers cooperate with Social Services and societal organizations.

SchuldHulpMaatje Nederland was founded in 2010 by Dutch national church organizations in response to increasing debt issues in society. Since then, the voluntary organization has become active in 80 places. The five year celebration was intended to thank the volunteers for their support. Queen Máxima attended SchuldHulpMaatje partly in her position as honorary chair of the Money Wise Platform. 


Opening ABP Pensioen pop-up store during Pension3Days (04-11-2015)Queen Máxima visited the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on Wednesday afternoon November 4th during the Pension3Days. The Queen opened the first ABP Pensioen pop-up store for employees and spoke with those associated with pension fund ABP. Conversation topics being: pension awareness among employees and how employers can stimulate this.

The Pension3Days was themed: “How do I anticipate my pension?”. The Money Wise Platform focused on the target group 50-67 year olds, due to short term changes in the field of social security and employers’ pensions.

Speech symposium ‘The silent force of financial resilience’ (06-10-2015)On Tuesday afternoon October 6th, Queen Máxima attended the annual Money Wise Platform conference in the Tobacco Theatre in Amsterdam. ‘The silent force of financial resilience’ posed the question as to how consumers can become financially resilient. Professionals in finance attended the symposium, where the Queen held her speech.

Other speakers were The Netherlands Central Bank president, Mr. Professor Klaas Knot and the mayor of Amsterdam, Mr. Eberhard van der Laan, LL.M. Both speakers presented their vision on the meaning of resilience to the Dutch economy and the city of Amsterdam in particular. During the conference, workshops took place on the influence on behavior in practice, financial resilience of women and financial planning.

Opening of the new visitor centre De Nederlandsche Bank (22-09-2015)Her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the new visitor centre of The Netherlands Central Bank (DNB) on Tuesday afternoon September 22nd. The visitor centre contributes to financial education, being a DNB’s responsibility as well as a focus point of Wijzer in geldzaken (Money Wise Platform).

The centre concentrates on the financial education of youngsters with the help of games, videos and a quest. School children explore the various work fields of DNB, like supervision, monetary policy, and economic advice.

After the official opening, Queen Máxima attended a tour through the visitor centre, during which students demonstrated the interactive aspects. At the end, the Queen spoke with all parties concerned about the importance of financial education.

Educational Curriculum 2032 dialogue session (22-05-2015)
In her capacity as honorary chair of the Money Wise platform, Her Majesty Queen Máxima participated in a closed dialogue session on financial skills in the educational curriculum, held in The Hague on 22 May.

Working dinner in Brussels on financial education (25-03-2015)
On Wednesday evening, 25 March, Queen Máxima attended a closed working dinner in Brussels held at the residence of the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the European Union. Those in attendance included European administrators, policymakers and representatives from the financial sector. The topic discussed was the importance of financial education in Europe.

Money lesson given by Deloitte during Money Week (13-03-2015)
On Friday, 13 March 2015, the final day of Money Week, Queen Máxima was present at a money lesson given by Deloitte in The Edge in Amsterdam. Together with Olaf Simonse of Money Wise, she joined various groups of fifth and sixth year primary school pupils from Amsterdam.

Opening of Money Week 2015 (09-03-2015)
On Monday 9 March, Queen Máxima opened the fifth edition of Money Week at OBS West primary school in Capelle a/d IJssel. Beforehand, together with State Secretary Dekker of Education, Culture & Science, she attended several guest lessons at the school and spoke to pupils and teachers about the importance of learning how to deal with money.

Queen Máxima congratulates Nibud (06-03-2015)
In a speech on Friday 6 March, Queen Máxima congratulated the National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud) on its 35th anniversary. The Queen praised Nibud for the part it has played for decades in promoting responsible financial behaviour. In her capacity as honorary chair of Money Wise, the Queen thanked the staff of the institute for all their hard work.

National Education Exhibition (NOT) (28-01-2015)
On Wednesday morning, 28 January, Queen Máxima visited the Money Wise stand at the National Education Exhibition (NOT) 2015 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The theme of the platform’s stand was learning how to deal with money.


Anniversary Conference: 10 Years of Debt Prevention in Groningen (20-11-2014)
On 20 November 2014, in her capacity as honorary chair of Money Wise, Queen Máxima gave a short speech at the '10 Years of Debt Prevention in Groningen' anniversary conference. According to Queen Máxima, a personal approach, cooperation and creativity are the decisive factors in the success of the approach to debt prevention adopted by the Groningse Kredietbank.

Money Wise Symposium (01-10-2014)
Queen Máxima speaks at the Money Wise symposium on “The politics of Burying One’s Head in the Sand and Herd Behaviour” (how can we encourage responsible financial behaviour among Dutch residents?)

In Rotterdam on 1 October 2014, Her Majesty Queen Máxima gave a speech at the Money Wise platform symposium. The theme of the symposium was encouraging responsible financial behaviour. Those attending were professionals from financial organisations and institutions. Among the other speakers were: Jeroen Dijsselbloem (Minister of Finance), Dr Marcel Zeelenberg (Professor of Social & Economic Psychology at Tilburg University) and Dan Goldstein (psychologist, behavioural economist and researcher at Microsoft Research). The day ended with a panel discussion on influencing behaviour.

Queen Máxima attends DNB pension seminar (11-09-2014)
On 11 September 2014, Her Majesty Queen Máxima attended a pension seminar hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). The seminar was held in Theater Spant! In Bussum and was aimed at pension fund administrators and other pension fund policymakers. The theme was “Members in the Spotlight”. One of the topics dealt with was the importance of consumer pension awareness.

During the seminar, Klaas Knot (DNB), Joanne Kellermann (DNB), Merel van Vroonhoven (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, AFM) and State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma (Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment) explained their views on the theme.

Queen Máxima visits ‘financial upbringing’ evening for parents (14-04-2014)
On Monday 14 April, Her Majesty Queen Máxima visited De Archipel primary school in Almere accompanied by the State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science, Sander Dekker , to attend a parents’ evening on ‘financial upbringing’. The focus was on the importance of learning how to deal with money as a shared responsibility of parents and schools. At the parents’ evening, Theatergroep PlayBack gave a performance of “Credits”, through which they support the parents of children aged 10-14 in structuring the way in which they raise their children’s financial awareness.

Opening of Money Week 2014 (10-03-2014)
On Monday 10 March, Her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the fourth edition of Money Week at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The week was officially launched by the Queen closing a special safe. Afterwards, in an interview with presenter Klaas van Kruistum, Queen Máxima spoke of the importance of learning how to deal with money.


Opening of the Pension3days 2013 at HEMA distribution centre (1-10-2013)
Her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the third edition of the Pension3days at the HEMA distribution centre in Utrecht. HEMA is one of the many parties and employers involved in the Pension3days 2013. From 1 to 3 October, over 250 parties organised activities aimed at raising pension awareness in the Netherlands. The theme for 2013 was 'Is your pension arranged properly?' with the focus on major life events that can have an impact on your pension.
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Speech at the Financial Awareness symposium in The Hague (31-5-2013)
Her Majesty Queen Máxima, Honorary Chair of the Money Wise Platform, gave a speech at the Financial Awareness symposium for personal finance professionals. The theme of the address was the importance of financial education. Other speakers at the symposium included Professor Paul Schnabel, former Director of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, and Professor Esther-Mirjam Sent, who is also a member of the Senate. The focus of the symposium was on how consumers can maintain their insight into their personal financial situation in the current economic climate.
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Cash Quiz during Money Week, at Prinses Amalia primary school, Zoetermeer (14-11-2012)
As teaching assistants, Queen Máxima and Wim Mijs (director Dutch Banking Association NVB) supervised the Cash Quiz game in group 7 at Prinses Amalia primary school in Zoetermeer. The Cash Quiz was developed by the banks in collaboration with Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information), with over 3,000 quizzes played during Money Week 2012.
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Money Week kick-off at Prins Maurits primary school, Rijswijk (12-11-2012)
At the kick-off of the third edition of Money Week, Queen Máxima went back to school and attended a performance by pupils of group 8 about how to be money wise.
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Pension3Days: Queen Máxima visits the pensions market for entrepreneurs (28-09-2012)
On 28 September 2012, Queen Máxima visited the pensions market for entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort. Here she took part in a round table discussion with coaches and entrepreneurs from Qredits micro-financing. This was followed by a tour of the pensions market which was organised as part of the Pension3Days. While she was there, Queen Máxima launched the website www.allesoververzekeren.nl.
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Opening of the Money Wise Information Office (23-05-2012)
On 23 May 2012, the first Money Wise Information Office was opened in Amersfoort by Queen Máxima and Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager. The opening ceremony involved the spectacular unveiling of the building.
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LEF program , ROC Midden Nederland (10-02-2012)
Together with Erica Terpstra (chair of LEF Committee of Recommendation), Queen Máxima attended the LEF (Life and Finance) program at VET College 'ROC Midden Nederland' in Utrecht. The LEF foundation has developed a program for secondary vocational (VET) students. The four interactive classes are given by professionals from the financial sector. Students are introduced to important topics like advertising, borrowing, saving and sensible spending.

'Queen Máxima talks to students from ROC Midden Nederland about how to be money wise'


Minting of the Money Week coin, KNM Utrecht (10-11-2011)
On 10 November, for the second time this week, Queen Máxima minted the first Money Week coin at the Royal Dutch Mint (KNM). The coin was designed by primary school children who had taken part in a special design competition.

Opening of Money Week 2011, Ministry of Finance (07-11-2011)
On 7 November, Queen Máxima and Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager were the first recipients of the Money Week newspaper. Queen Máxima then launched the second edition of Money Week for primary school pupils.
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Xnoizz Festival Bussloo (18-08-2011)
At the Xnoizz Festival in Bussloo, Queen Máxima attended a discussion with young people about being money wise led by presenter Klaas van Kruistum.

Visit to the Money Wise Parade (18-05-2011)
Queen Máxima toured the Money Wise Parade in Velsen library. The Money Wise Parade was an interactive exhibition about how to be money wise which toured 10 libraries in the Netherlands in 2011. This visit was followed by a discussion with various interested parties about debt prevention in the Netherlands.

Project BizWorld, De Christoffel primary school, The Hague (10-02-2011)
Queen Máxima attended the BizWorld class at De Christoffel primary school where she talked with children from group 8. The BizWorld program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing children how the entrepreneurial cycle operates in the friendship bracelet industry. Students are divided into companies, with each student taking on a leadership role to support the team in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their products in the BizWorld marketplace.

BNN Money Test (27-01-2011)
Queen Máxima was special guest at the The National Money Test, broadcasted by BNN (Bart's News Network). The show was hosted by Patrick Lodiers and Valerio Zeno. During the show, hundreds of thousands of Dutch people took part in the test.


Platform meeting about pension awareness (04-11-2010)

Queen Máxima attended a meeting of the Money Wise Platform where members discussed pension awareness and pension communication.

Opening of Money Week 2010, Amsterdam (13-09-2010)
Watched by 200 primary school children and amid plenty of media attention, Queen Máxima opened the first Money Week in Amsterdam by releasing balloons from a large inflatable coin.

Parents' evening on Financial Education, Dol-Fijn primary school, Deventer (21-06-2010)
Queen Máxima talked with parents of pupils from the Dol-Fijn primary school. The aim of the discussions was to create awareness among the parents about the importance of teaching children about finance.

ROC Mondriaan, The Hague (20-05-2010)
Queen Máxima attended a class for low-literate consumers. In the Netherlands, one and a half million adults have problems reading and writing. This group finds it particularly difficult to understand financial information and forms. In collaboration with the Money Wise Platform, ROC Mondriaan developed a 'Money Wise' course for adults who have problems with reading, writing and figures. This course focuses on improving financial knowledge and skills and ensures that participants are better able to take well-considered decisions.

Financial Education Guidelines, The Hague (27-04-2010)
The Financial Education Guidelines were presented to Queen Máxima. These guidelines contain tips/tricks for integrating financial education in a simple and engaging way within the regular school program. The presentation of the guidelines marked the start of a campaign to actively approach schools in the Netherlands.

Brainstorming with young people at the Ministry of Finance (21-04-2010)
Queen Máxima joined a brainstorming session with youngsters about how to become more financially aware.

Chat session on Hyves (29-03-2010)
In a chat session on the social networking site Hyves, Queen Máxima and various experts answered questions from youngsters about being money wise.

'Queen Máxima answers questions from youngsters on Hyves'

Launch of 'You can't get anywhere without Cash' (10-03-2010)
In the presence of outgoing Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Piet Hein Donner and Money Wise chairman Klaas Knot, Queen Máxima launched the youth campaign 'You can't get anywhere without Cash'. The campaign, with the virtual figure Cash in the leading role, primarily focuses on teaching young people between the ages of 13 and 15 to be more money wise.


Visit to Liemers College, Didam (09-12-2009)
Queen Máxima attended a 2nd pre-vocational economics class concerning the project 'Enough Money'. This project gives youngsters insight into many aspects of finance. The purpose is to give them skills to make well-considered financial decisions.

'Queen Máxima attends an economics class in Didam'