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Programmes and activities

Changing financial behaviour is difficult and requires all the parties involved to commit to a long-term effort. Money Wise’s partners are convinced that together they have more impact than separately. This coordinated approach is needed to realise the common mission.


The mission of the platform:

Money Wise is the platform in which partners pool their strengths to advance responsible financial behaviour in the Netherlands.

The following five strategic starting points plot the course of the platform’s programmes, activities and projects for the next five years:

Strategic starting points

1. Advancing responsible financial behaviour in the Netherlands is the key focus area.

2. Focusing on specific life events and related target groups.

3. More impact by pooling strengths.

4. More impact through professional development.

5. More impact through innovation.


The activities of Money Wise focus on advancing the three aspects of responsible financial behaviour, i.e.:

1. Money management

Among other things, this is defined as making ends meet.

2. Financial planning

Means anticipating certain and uncertain events that influence household finances in both the short and long term

3. Choosing financial products

Consists of the process of arriving at a product that suits the consumer concerned.

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