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People with proper financial skills stand more firmly in life. They have a better grip on their personal development, they are better prepared for risks and can better withstand hard times. At the same time, financial affairs and financial products are becoming increasingly more complex and in this digital era money seems to have become virtually intangible. This can put people’s financial self-reliance under pressure.

The national Money Wise platform was established five years ago to do something about this. In the Money Wise platform, partners from the business community, government, academia and civil society have joined forces. Her Majesty Queen Máxima is honorary chair of the Platform.

Queen Máxima receives 2014-2018 National Strategy for Financial Education Queen Máxima receives 2014-2018 National Strategy for Financial Education

Over the past five years, together we have put the vital importance of financial awareness on the map. We can be justifiably proud of what we have achieved. National events like the National Money Week (a national initiative aimed at teaching primary school children aged 4 to 12 how to deal with money) and the Pension3days (a national 3-day event aimed at raising pension awareness) are widely known and numerous practical tools have been made available to help young and old alike to strengthen their financial skills. Our country is one of the forerunners in this field.

One of the major tasks in the years ahead is to move from raising awareness to creating responsible financial behaviour. To this end, we need to tie in – as concretely as possible – with important events in people’s lives such as moving in together, having children, starting a business or giving up working. After all, people are “by nature” occupied with the financial constraints that govern their choices.

Internationally, financial education is also high on the agenda. International research and best practices from abroad can be used to increase the effectiveness of the platform. Dutch experience can serve as good practices and can contribute to advancing financial education in other countries.


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